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mean party. It can be all night long or just a hard party.
Man, when I went to Colombia, I went to something they call "rumba", I danced like for 3 days in a row!!!
by uDontCare September 05, 2011
Is when your ipod doesnt play songs so really want to listen so you just keep clicking the "next"button.
Man, my ipod has a big ipodrrhea, could you lend me yours?
by uDontCare May 24, 2011
used to make a reference about something which is known, but you want to make a dramatic or sarcastic intro about it to another person.
Bro 1: dude, check this videos out!!
Bro : ooooh!! they look very cool, haven't you thought about uploading them to the web?
Bro1 : No, but actually, it is a good idea, how can I do that?
Bro 2: Well.....there is that thing they call YouTube, I dont know if you know about it, but it is all about videos.
by uDontCare October 03, 2011
Is when there is nothing good to watch in TV and no matter which channel you watch, it seems TV hates you that day.
Man, I went to the gym after 6 months because there was a big TVrrhea and somehow the day was fine
by uDontCare May 30, 2011
In Colombia, usually used as friend or bro.Only as "friend". It's similar to parce or parcero
tonces que nea, bien o no??

so what's up bro???
by uDontCare July 15, 2011
Also co za asy! or however
It means something in polski
Can be used almost in any video comment. It was popularized by RWJ in one of his videos.

It can be used like for anything
Dude 1: Hey, did you see that last failblog video?
Dude 2: Yea!!It was awesome, one of the top rated comments was co za asy dude!!!
by uDontCare March 03, 2011

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