Runny stool that strikes when least expected as a result of drinking copious amount of rum the night before.
Bro 1: "I drank so much Ron last night...
*feeling of your ass about to fall out your leather cheerio*
I think I have the runs..."
Bro 2: "Nah bruh, you have the rums."
by Phebreeze November 30, 2011
1) a complete piece of crap. 2) a grown man that lives at home with his parents. 3) any person who leaves their children hangin so they can do drugs and have no responsibility. 4) a scum bag
Man that dude is a straight up rum for real
by Silvatungdmi March 25, 2012
Unexplainable but when something's 'Rum' you just know it is...
"She's a rum lass ain't she!"

"Paul, he's a rum lad!"

Grant, Martin and Stu - RUM!!!
by tomu April 28, 2011
A badass mother fucker who usually hang out with other badass mother fuckers xD
Damn I just saw your mom in rums's bed yo !
by UUU May 11, 2014
A drink that made ordinary men become rapists, murders, and bad asses.
Ted before rum: Hey we should get to work.
Ted after rum: HEEEY!!! lets go over there and steal that boat....we are running out of rum!!!!!
by Omarmania October 23, 2011
Also known as the Universidad de Puerto Rico: Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez (University of Puerto Rico: Mayaguez campus). A kickass university whose name spells rum and is located next to a brewery, as well as a host of pubs and bars in the vicinity.
"You done with your RUM test?"
by emoisdead March 23, 2009
Rum is liquid form of my friend
Rum is such a kokot.
by Karel Danes January 10, 2005
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