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Directions given to the girl from a guy in a dark theater usually in middle school
girl notices guy's boner and looks up into his eyes
guy: Rub That
girl molests her date through his pants while he longs for the opportunity to get head

Rub That requests are often given by guys who get longer thicker dicks sooner who hope showing dick will lead to oralness or anal with oral virgins. dick thinking blinds them to gross realities like many other guys having jizzed in her mouth just today risking getting jizz on dick or bonus std

guy: can I get head?
girl: maybe show me what you got
guy adjusts boner and drops trou
girl: nah your dick is too big
guy: it'll fit trust me
girl: too much lip stretch
guy: suck the tip some
girl: if you pass the magnum xl test you'll get some
girl: I'm gonna Rub That while we make out
by handie slut November 07, 2012
Verb: The action in which one rubs a very attractive female while admiring her beauty. This term can only be used in such rare occasions that the male comes across a "2" specimen on the binary scale.

In the case of a "2" specimen, the beauty must be extreme to the point that simply admiring her, as one would do to a fine work of art, is more desirable than engaging in sexual activities.

To "Rub That" is technically superior to "Tap That" though some will disagree. This is because the specimen is almost always more attractive.

Binary Scale:

-1 = Death at first sight
0 = I'm keeping my penis in my pants.
1 = Using penis to have sexual acts with specimen**
2 = Keeping distance or using hands to admire specimen*

* This act is defined as "Rubbing That"
**This act is defined as "Tapping That"
Yo, I was so dumbfounded by the beauty of this girl that i rubbed that.

The other day I saw this highly attractive specimen and my hand got all tingly because I wanted to rub that.

I stopped masturbating after I discovered the pleasure of rubbing that.

My wife uses cucumber scented moisturizers so that rubbing that is more pleasurable with her. It doesn't work though because my wife is morbidly obese and is covered in boils.

I often cry when rubbing that because the the pure beauty blinds my eyes.

Sometimes I rub leather furniture to simulate rubbing that.
by smooth hands April 18, 2010
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