One who makes a living or searches out opportunities usually with financial rewards by being around the business & social circles of uber-successful people.
You see John, he comes by the office every week or so to say hi but he's just another rounder looking for new deals.
by FonzTrader November 09, 2013
Informal, idiom.

Synonymous and interchangeable with 'character'.

An interesting, eccentric, odd, dangerous or otherwise unusual person depending on context.
I got my ass kicked by a couple of rounders.


Did you see that rounder Suzy's with?
by bad example December 24, 2010
When a person, especially a girl, gives a blow job to two or more people standing around her/him.
"Man, lets get that slut over here to give us rounders."
by Slitchy October 17, 2007
One who makes the rounds of the bars. A dissolute person or drunkard.
His wife settled that rounder down.
by Sam Colt July 08, 2006
An attractive woman with nice ROUND curves, hence the word rounder. Can be used in short as "der". Can also refer to any attractive woman depending on the persons tastes or interest
Check out that rounder over there!
Did you take that rounder home last night?
This place is stacked with ders!
Did you see that der sitting over there?
by MR. KNOWITALL69 April 29, 2011
Rounder: A girl that is so hot, she's worth rounding the block to get another look at.
Oh man, did you see the tits on that chick? Let's circle the block and check that shit out again, she's a rounder.
by Hiwatt25 November 13, 2007

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