Roper means that you got, some, bomb, ass, weed
That was some roper i was super zooted
by TIARA07 April 21, 2007
1. adj. Any game(product) having the quality of being sold based on the renown of its developer for prior great achievements in their field only to have that preexisting good will thrown away so that said developer can go to Korea, gorge themselves on sushi, and then turn themselves into a mustachioed, karaoke-singing, beer swilling, hog-sweating, festering bag-of-shit replica of Jabba-the-Hut while on the dime of their paying subscribers and founders.

2. adj. Any game(product) having the quality of being billed as gone-gold which is released, not as a beta build, but as an alpha build in which a monthly fee is charged to receive "ongoing content".

3. adj. Any game(product) having the quality of being sold as having two modes of play in which support of one of the modes has been forsaken by the developer because a subscription fee is not charged for it after the purchase price of the box has been payed.

4. n. A flippant or uncaring remark given by the manufacturer of a product to angry consumers when said product, which was advertised as having two fully-functional modes, has support for one mode discontinued due to lack of "income stream".
Ex 1. "Hey man. You hear about that new game coming out? It's supposed to be made by the team that brought us (insert name of product of choice here)."

"Forget it dude. After their last release nobody believes the hype. They're totally Roper."

Ex 2. "Well they rushed it out the door to make as much money before people caught on. So you just KNEW it was gonna be Roper."

Ex 3. "I can't believe I paid good money for this goddamn box and now they won't even support it so that it's actually what I was promised! This is SO Roper!"

Ex 4. "Damnit! I bought the game because they said they had mutiplayer AND single player! Now they tell me I should just play multiplayer because it's essentially the same!?!? $^$(#@&^$(*#& "

"Lol... whatever dude... They never cared about single player cause it doesn't get them sub fees... You knew it was only a matter of time before they slipped you the Roper."
by some weirdo March 10, 2008
A Blunt, that is extremely tight, and hard to hit.
I rolled a fucking roper.
by CarlosEZ January 04, 2008
1. A country term you use for your friends when they either did something stupid or dosen't have any common sense.

2. A stupid person.
No roper, gasoline dosen't go in the radiator. You goddamn roper!
by combatdriver2002 September 23, 2006
Refers to something considered gay, weak, or uncool. This is accompanied by a hand gesture made by Mr. Roper (touching the thumb and index finger and shaking your wrist)on the 70's show Three's Company.

Sergio puked in CC's dorm room, that was roper.
by DT-OSU July 27, 2006
worse than being called a bitch. refering to shrley phelps roper who hates america and thing dead solidieres an 9/11 was a great act from god. only use this term if you really think this person is the worst person known to man.
That roper is praising 9/11.

Man 1: Hitler is a fucking roper
Man 2: no he aint that bad

Man 1. u fucking roper!
girl 2. am i really that bad.(crys hysterically for hours and hours)
by Calvin CC November 27, 2006
Pop-Punk band with monosynth. Lead singer is Reese Roper of Exhumator, Five Iron Frenzy, and Brave Saint Saturn. A great christian band. CD came out October 19, 2004.
Roper's coming to town next week!
by Rob October 30, 2004

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