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Roofles = ROFL
Roofles pwned sir, get skill...
by RooflesPwnedIrlAsapKthx August 01, 2003
Roofles=ROFL; so funny; omg hilarious;Used by people on online games
You Did what! Roofles!
by TRigger Happy January 20, 2005
Rolling on the floor laughing on a roof.
This thatching is hilarious!! Roofle!!!
by sleevetronic October 26, 2009
The act of engaging in sexual intercourse with Bruk.
I stuck my Roofle inside Bruk's mother.
by android123 November 05, 2008
Roofles is a disturbingly brutal word. Used by AOL Lamers and IRCers alike. Some use it with cynical sentences.
ROOFLES, that word is so brutal.
by irc.quakenet.org, #debauchery August 23, 2003
(n) A person who is being a complete idiot. See n00b
Omg, did you hear him? Roofles.
by XtremeGaming69 February 17, 2004