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3 definitions by XtremeGaming69

adj (to a person). so hot that they need a new fucking word for it

adj (to an object). like calling some sexy, except hotter
Damn, that girl is SO sexhot.
by XtremeGaming69 February 12, 2004
91 80
(adj). Being n00bish or utterly stupid with plenty of gayness

(n). A gay and flamboyant n00b.
Fucking a, did you see that n00b? He was being so homogomo last game.

Tell that homogomo to sit down and shut the hell up.
by XtremeGaming69 February 18, 2004
8 1
(n) A person who is being a complete idiot. See n00b
Omg, did you hear him? Roofles.
by XtremeGaming69 February 17, 2004
5 45