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The name version of the musical term. The musical term Rondo is used as a repeat type of music. Thus those who are Rondeau last name people, such as myself, do many things over again, for various casues, such as losing items or just wanting to re-do some part of our day, or in tribute to our musical name repeat something we have already said.
Those Rondeaus are always repeating themselves! Those Rondeaus are always repeating themselves!
by RondeauRondo November 13, 2009
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a girl who loves to have a pants party and give mega dome.
"I bet she's gonna rondeau your ass!"
"I sure hope so!!!!"
by bria-lyn October 02, 2007
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"You know that hot guy who was pounding my ass other day?"
"Yeah, I was there, remember?."

"Well during it he grabbed my dick and gave me a rondeau."
"That's the shit, man!"
by tinkywinky865 June 15, 2009
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I,Stephanie Bobalyn Rondeau hereby Claim that I dry hump ladders, streak in the school halls, open up my mash tatered mouth when I eat chicken nuggets YUMMY, walk and talk while I stalk and uh falk?... and I enjoy it.
Monkies and me climb ladders. Rondeaus Like playing with sand castles.
by Rondeau November 17, 2008
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