A boy with flaming red hair who is very loyal to his friend, Harry (the no good, stuck up, boy who needs to take some Viagra.)
Hermione: Woah! Is that Ron? He looks... different today."
Harry: Ummm... Hermione? Are you okay?
Hermione: *drool*
by Baboon's Backside May 12, 2005
the Best harry potter carecter next to Luna Lovegood. played by Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter movies. Rupert Grint is hot.
hermione and roe will get married and hermione will work at hogwarts (headmistress) and ron will work in the three broom sticks (he isn't that smart) or he will be keeper in the english team. ron weasley.
by ?????????????????????????? October 29, 2005
A protagonist in the famous Harry Potter series, written by J.K. Rowling. He is Harry Potter's best friend, and is very important to the plot. He is (as we learn from Goblet of Fire) the person Harry Potter would miss most. He becomes Hermione Granger's husband later on in the series. Also, he is often mistook for a character for comic relief by people who have not read the books, yet judge the characters anyway.
Did you read the Prophet today? Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are getting married!
by Everyday I'm Slytherin August 20, 2011
If one were to be called this it would mean you are:
Red haired
Simple (outwardly)
Have bad eating habits
Phobic of spiders
Angry as all the saints in hell
"Bloody hell!*&*&^@*^"

"Jeaslous? Me? No..."

"Why is everything I own rubbish?"
by Sabbathman December 21, 2004
A girl sitting on a boy's head screaming BLOODY HELL, while on her period. Thus making their hair red like RON WEASLEY.
Since it's that time of the month, I think I might try the Ron Weasley with my boyfriend.
by Trexlex February 08, 2012
When a male/female delivers a male a hand job of the 'rough kind'.

Ron Weasly= Rough Wristie
"Wowza. That bitch just gave me a Ron Weasley"
by Patriceee January 14, 2010
To pull a Ron Weasley:

- To fail where others succeeded.
- To be the guy in the background to make someone look better.
- To talk complete and utter, unimportant crap.
What a Ron Weasley of a status update!
by Duggertron. March 22, 2011

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