A variant of "ROFL", "LOL" and other mirth-expressive acronyms. "ROFL" becomes "RAPLH" which becomes "RON".
Oh man, did you see that guy fall over? It was really RON!
by naylor182 May 07, 2009
verb-to scarf down without chewing
My cat was ronning down the kibbles.

The fat police man ronned down a couple of doughnuts before shooting some niggahs.
by Ron the porch monkey May 17, 2008
(v) To play the computer game Rise of Nations (abbreviated to RoN) over a network with friends. Similar to "nam", which means the same thing, except with Battlefield Vietnam.
Hey Dan, wanna ron?
Anyone feel like ronning?
Me and the guys ronned, and then I nammed for half an hour before going to bed.
by supaDISC June 06, 2004
Knows everything
Im not sure of the answer to your question. Might better ask Ron, he knows everything
by Sm13142216562 June 03, 2016
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