verb - to tell childhood anecdotes that are invariably disturbing and revealing
R - Well, I never cared for Santa because my sisters used to wear Santa beards when they tried to convince me that old people wanted to kidnap me. One time they were outside my window calling my name in the middle of the night, and I hid under my bed talking into a broken walkie-talkie in the hopes someone would hear it and rescue me.
D - Wow. You have just Rogged me again. This explains why you harrass old people about their parking jobs.
by Chili-Dawg November 15, 2010
to be on your own timetable, to be consistently late, to not care of others schedules
"Hey you need to hurry up, dont be rog about this, we need to be there on time."
by rog pennappleton January 17, 2008
Secret codeword meaning ugly, disgusting or just bad
"Nurse! I wish to make a complaint. Due to Dr Johnson's overenthusiastic use of the forceps, my newborn baby is an unnacceptable rog. I'd like to exchange him for a more litch specimen please."


"I have just done a poo in your toilet. The smell is unbelievably rog, but I make no apologies."


"The teecher saed my speling waz rearly wrog."
by roomwithaview86 October 10, 2006
To suddenly stop responding while in an instant message conversation with someone. Is used best when incorporated into existing sentences.

To qualify for an official Rog, there must be at least 5 minutes of silence from one party. To prevent a Rog, one can simply say 'brb'.
Rhett (8:30): Haha yeah.
Matt (8:31): Did you see The O.C. last night?
Matt (8:36): Well?
Matt (8:38): omg rog.
Matt (8:44): Did you read ROGer ebert's review in the paper this morning?
Matt (8:50): Ghost ROG: The way of the samurai

by CTSR December 04, 2005
to not use common sence, slow, dumb, to do something stupid
"Yo quit being such a rog about this and use your brain!"
by rog pennappleton January 17, 2008
A way of saying anything and everything without saying nothing, and somehow people understanding exactly what you wanted to say in the first place.
"I'm Rogged Out"
That is serious Rog"
"I have Mook Rog"
by Roy February 07, 2004
Lord of all that is gay, what the germans call, Ubergay
That gay guy that all the other gays look up to is the Rog of that group.
by rog pennappleton January 17, 2008

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