A “rog” is a small pet that looks like a cross between a rodent and a dog.
Small, mix-breed and/or hairless Chihuahuas tend to look like rogs.
by Rick Popko July 15, 2005
to be publicly embarraced, to be called out
"These girls aren't into you, quit making a rog out of yourself"
by rog pennappleton January 17, 2008
A person, place, thing, or action which takes on the characteristics of a fifty-some year old balding male who drinks Miller Lite and plays shuffleboard with binos.
Jon: What did you do on Sunday? I thought we were going to the beach...

Andy: Not much -- just cracked a tall one and rog'ed it out on the couch.
by K1 MF May 09, 2006
a cross between a rainy day and a foggy day
Hey! there's a lot of rog today
by ttd December 11, 2005
a kid with a huge penis
Man, i wish i had a rog, but i dont
by Cody Andrus March 24, 2005

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