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verb - to tell childhood anecdotes that are invariably disturbing and revealing
R - Well, I never cared for Santa because my sisters used to wear Santa beards when they tried to convince me that old people wanted to kidnap me. One time they were outside my window calling my name in the middle of the night, and I hid under my bed talking into a broken walkie-talkie in the hopes someone would hear it and rescue me.
D - Wow. You have just Rogged me again. This explains why you harrass old people about their parking jobs.
by Chili-Dawg November 15, 2010
Verb - to assist in a prank, to validate a prankster's words
R - Hey, I've convinced this woman on the phone she owes five hundred dollars for repairs on the fence she fell into. She wants to talk to the manager.
D - I'll dean her for you and then allude to other ways she can pay the fine.
R - Nice.
by Chili-Dawg November 15, 2010

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