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Rocky Point is a decent working class town on the North Shore of Long Island. Residents love it, snobs mock it.A bit like Sound Beach to the East and Miller Place to the West...the people are solid and proud. Its something of a relic of a long gone, affordable Middle Class North Shore with decent schools and lower taxes.

middle class north shore
Bob "Rocky Point...its just a Poor mans Shoreham"

Sue "You say that like its a bad thing"
by RPNY April 27, 2011
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The small fishing village in Sonora Mexico where Arizona State University students go to die from liquor poisoning. Over night, this small village is overrun by thousands of ASU students and is unsightly. Best visited in the winter when nobody is there and is really quiet.
Hey we have a 3 day weekend, let's go to Rocky Point and get wasted off $1.00 long island iced teas!
by Cityindesert August 04, 2004

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