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A puny hick town in the middle of southern Ontario. It's inhabitants tend to know only of Rockwood, except for the occasional person who knows where Guelph is. Rockwood is full of pot smokers, as there isn't much else to do except go to the sketchy splash pad.
Guy 1: Oh hello there!

Guy 2: Hey eh!

Guy 1: Where ya from?

Guy 2: Rockwood!

Guy 1: Where?

Guy 2: Oh you know, close to Guelph?

Guy 1: Um, no, sorry.

Guy 2: Damn eh.
by RamboMan124 April 20, 2011
19 3
a little town in the middle of nowhere known by only people who live there or have relatives there......the worst place in the world
person 1: Hey, I'm Gary.
person 2: Hi Gary, I'm Janelle
Gary: So Where are you from?
Janelle: Rockwood.
Gary: What's Rockwood???????????
by jiminy jjjjjjjjjjjjj February 04, 2009
16 5
A little town in East Tennessee founded as a coal mining town after the Civil War. Known mostly for its rich history and various festivals held throughout the year. Megan Fox's home town.
Megan Fox is from Rockwood? No way!
by RockwoodNative June 02, 2010
7 4