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1) A gun that launches rockets. Not so hard, is it?
2) A weapon used against tanks in the military.
Soldier: Bad news, Commander. A lot of tanks are coming.
Commander: We need Rocket launchers, then.
by Village_Idiot March 20, 2005
Are Chicks that Look Good from Far away, But are UAF up close.
Dude that Chick in our 2nd Period Chemistry class?"...."Yea Bra, She's a Rocket Launcher!
by Lodge~Gasm August 09, 2010
A weapon that launches rockets. Exists both in actual military usage and in video games, where opinions on it vary. Both forms of the rocker launcher fire rockets that usually explode on contact. In video games, this makes it a popular choice because it's easy and fun to use.

Can also be used as a verb in video games.
"Stop camping the rocket launcher!"

"I'm so going to rocket launcher you in the face."
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006
During intercourse, letting out an explosive fart while thrusting.
I farted so hard when I jammed it in that it felt like a rocket launcher went off.
by Piledriver62 February 12, 2014
A cheap weapon, commonly used by n00bs in online shooter games. Some players chose rockets, not because they annoy people, but because they get easy kills.
Player: Hey n00b, knock it off with that rocket bullshit.

n00b: fuk u. if ur such a gud playr, y don't u lern to avoid it?
by Black Angel November 02, 2003
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