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A young girl, usually between 10-14 and commonly 12 or 13, who dresses in revealing clothing. Prostitots are usually young girls who want to be seen as sexy and mature by the older men around them, and therefore end up wearing far too much makeup and dressing in what they think is sexy but simply looks skanky. They usually look like mini prostitutes, which is how the name came about. Prostitots may or may not be interested in sex; some are, and others are simply mistaken about what makes them look grown up and glamorous.

Can also be used as a random, nonsensical insult, though this usage is uncommon.
"Did you see those little girls in all that makeup and those high heels hanging out in the mall?"

"Yeah, they were total prostitots."
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006
The opposite of for the win. Used to describe a situation or thing that is undesirable, whether that situation was caused by the speaker or by someone else. Often shouted when someone is killed in a multiplayer game. Most commonly used by gamers, though it's gaining popularity in general online culture for anything that's disliked.
"He just shot me with a rocket launcher! For the lose!"

"We have a math test tomorrow. For the lose."
by Iridosmine November 20, 2006
A weapon that launches rockets. Exists both in actual military usage and in video games, where opinions on it vary. Both forms of the rocker launcher fire rockets that usually explode on contact. In video games, this makes it a popular choice because it's easy and fun to use.

Can also be used as a verb in video games.
"Stop camping the rocket launcher!"

"I'm so going to rocket launcher you in the face."
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006
A female gamer who enjoys playing games and regularly does so. Female gamers vary widely between the extremes of 'casual' and 'hardcore' gaming, and may be interested in any genre or type of game. They may have a particular game that they specialize in, or may play a variety of different games.

Girl gamers are most often noticed in FPS games as they're rarer there, rather than in MMOGs where there are many female players.

Girl gamers may also pretend to be male in order to avoid comments about their gender while gaming, which can make girl gamers seem even rarer. Girl gamers may also be difficult to notice outside of a game, as girl gamers often talk about things besides games while they're not playing them.

Girl gamer can also refer to any girl who plays games that are though to be more popular with males, for example Dungeons and Dragons.
I'm a girl gamer who's rather bored with the misconceptions about us.
by Iridosmine November 21, 2006

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