This is the art where one excretes into a condom. You the place the condom into a freezer. This solidifies the waste. Once a suitable concistency is subject you carefully remove the condom. NOTE: This step may require a parent or guardian's help due to the use of sharp objects (fun for all the family). Once the soldified object is removed from the condom. Insert in any possible orifice, crack or fanny your partner desires. NOTE:Subject to melting the fieces will need to be licked and eaten for nutritional benifits and enhancement of pleasure!!Enjoy....
Hey Barry, i have some rocket dogging fun in the freezer if you fancy it??
by Tanushca and symonski October 17, 2008
Top Definition
Where someone has a fetish for having a rocket stuffed into their anal cavity or Vagina whilst being in the great outdoors.

Some may even go as far as to light the rocket and let it combust whilst inside their cavity. Kind of like a mix between masochism and a death erotica.
Hey what are you doing tonight John? ''Taking the wife Rocket dogging, I'm basically going to light a rocket whilst it's inside her rectum''..Say's John.
by llRlOlAlClHll December 30, 2013
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