ROAR stands for Romance On A Rocketship, the stage name for the 23-year old musician Kasey Smith. Romance On A Rocketship
With your long, long hair/And your big blue eyes/I’m thinking about making you mine tonight”
Skin & Bones by ROAR (Romance On A Rocketship)
by cupcakesattack September 17, 2010
"you're mine",to show ownership of someone out of love,to tell someone that you own them
man:babe i love you
woman:i love you too
woman:yes i am baby.and i always will be
by roar master July 07, 2010
1) Interjection. Greeting used by casual friends.

2) Adjective. Exclamation of emphatic approval.
e.g. 1) Person A: "ROAR" Person B: "ROAR"

e.g. 2) Person A: "Dude the olsen twins are naked - look!" Person B: - looks - "ROAR they are!"
by Shibby_crew1 March 17, 2006
really sexy,damn fine
that girl is roar man,check that out!
by Ivana Kaka February 01, 2005
It's Steven's word... be quiet
by YOYOYOYOYOYO ROAR July 20, 2004
(noun) A word to use when entering a room. It can startle and dismay people there and generally causes the bladder of those hearing the word to malfunction. Some take it annoying, but some pleasure themselves to it out of love.
"'Roar!', said Dominic entering the mental assylum."
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
im gonna fuk her but first gettere her so drunk she's gonna roar after all that fukin around o man im gettin laid!
by Mike July 12, 2003
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