i hate you or i am very angry in dinosaur language
"hey man i heard your girlfriend cheated on you with your brother."

"what?? ROAR!!!!!!"
by cappychick January 07, 2010
R.O.A.R. - Right Of Admission Reserved.

Typically seen on clubbing/rave tickets to mean that if you're a drunk/tripping foo, the bouncers will kick your ass out.
"This is an alcohol and drug free event. R.O.A.R."
by Jimi July 18, 2004
it is the translation of 'i love you' from the ancient dinosaur language

To laugh, especially loudly.

Used in Gloucestershire, UK.
Jamie: Mate, that thing we watched yesterday made me roar!
Neil: I know right? I showed it to Toni the other day and she was roarin' for like... half hour!
by JJome February 08, 2011
A person who mistakes minutes for hours, and always says he's on his way. When people point that out he freaks.
- So I'll see you in 10 minutes then?
- Yes I'm on my way.
* 10 hours and many, many calls later; to which he has replied that he is on his way*
- Dude, that took long enough.
* Roar freaking out*
by hollower March 24, 2010
A word used by emo kids to gain attention at all costs.
Steven is so emo that he roars at random people for attention.
by Joshua Tree June 09, 2005
A way to say hello or wen u cant b assed sayin anything else coz ur to lazy ot tired
Rachel: Roar
Taty: Hello
Taty: Now piss off
by rat bag July 06, 2006
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