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An intended misspell of the name of the game company of League of Legends - Riot Games. Believed to be originally being used by Dolan Duck. Now the word is usually used when gamebreaking bugs are spotted and people will respond with 'Rito pls'.
Rito pls.
#riot #league of legends #dolan duck #bug #game
by Arfurala May 28, 2014
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Tribe in "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker". Basically 'Bird People', Rito have wings and fly around. Evolved from the Zora tribe, strangely enough.
"The Rito are so cool, man."
by Googol May 27, 2005
a slightly odd, random person that is rather attractive; has sexy hair.

That kid totally looks like a Rito
Oh shit look, it's Rito
#rito #run #for #the #hills
by lastactionhero September 10, 2008
An amazing small furry creature of Mexican decent; also a complement
ie. Aren't you a cute little Rito
#mexican #hot #cute #lolcats #creature
by A Rito November 12, 2009
An item rolled in a tortilla, usually a mut, cock or bur.
Josh would love a cok-rito. Or Tim makes good bur-ritos.
#buritos #burito #mutrito #cockrito #tortilla
by fittyfitty April 07, 2009
short for burrito
by Calo November 01, 2003
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