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A British/Australian term for all Americans, regardless of position. We don't care if it's really a shortening of 'Yankee', or northern Americans. We just fucking use it this way.
"Damn, this giant Sony camcorder got eaten by a South African monkeyfish. Fucking Yanks"
Guy 2: "Fucking yanks."
TV: "Food poisoning spreads throughout a Martian colony. It's believed to be caused by China." Guy: "Fucking yanks."
by Googol May 27, 2005
Tribe in "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker". Basically 'Bird People', Rito have wings and fly around. Evolved from the Zora tribe, strangely enough.
"The Rito are so cool, man."
by Googol May 27, 2005
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