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Toy made for people who surf or snowboard but don't like the stiff restriction of four-wheeled boards on land. Basically a skateboard with two off-set revolving wheels and two platforms with a notch in the middle rather than one long board. Skateboarders usually have trouble even standing up on one despite the fact that they constantly label them as gay. This makes said skateboarders frustrated because someone thought to evolve a sport they spent most of their lives perfecting. Despite skaters claims that it is easy, it is possible to land an ollie, kickflip, manual and nose manual, pop shove its, revert and much more on a rip stick and it is also much more difficult. Skaters usually try to take over the park from ripstikers but then become frustrated when they are easily out-maneuvered.
Ripstiks are also easier to hit people with than skateboards and do as much if not more damage.
"A skater called me a fag on my Rip Stick , then he tried to get on it and broke his wrist, then I skated off on his skateboard carrying the ripstik and he realized he was a tool"
by Nick Beam April 23, 2008
A caster board from Razor, not to be confused with a skateboard; and more so related to a snowboard. It holds two wheels and is self propelled with the alternating movement of the legs/feet. Can come in many colours.
I love my new red Ripstick.
by oOAndrewOo January 01, 2009
1. A skateboard thing with two wheels and a middle section that twists awesomely for increased motion and awesomeness.

2. A person who's really petite and skinny but has really toned muscles.

3. A mispronunciation of lipstick.
I got decked by a guy on a ripstick and broke my arm!!

She's so small yet so ripped. What a ripstick!

My ripstick shade is called Hibiscus.
by mapleleaf~ March 23, 2012
A neat-looking skateboard type thing that is wobblier and more dangerous, but that looks really cool and is sure to impress your 12 year old buddies until you fall and break your arm.
Mooooooooom!!!!!! *sob* Owwwwwww!!!!!!!! *sob sob* We need to go to the emergency room!!!! *wail* I fell off my Rip Stick and think I broke my arm!!!!!*sob* *wail*
by mommamia February 10, 2012
A frickn sweet new style of a skateboard from Razor. If you have ever heard of the "Wave" than this is basically a much better version. Warning: Ripsticking is exremely addictive. Get it at your nearest Sharper Image.
Dude I can't stop ripsticking. It's like a drug.
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
A hard core gay porn move where the more domonate male roughly gives a hand job and then slapes the others dick with a rolled up news paper.
Dude this guy just gave me a Ripstick.
by sunkis April 22, 2011
A tool faggots use for skating. Since they're too much of a balanceless prick to actually try and do tricks on an actual skateboard, they decide to try and look cool by balancing on a 2 wheeled skateboard, hoping that showing how good their sense of balance is on a ripstick overrides the amount of faggotry they have to not ride a REAL skateboard.
Joe: I can 360 on my board.

Jim: Did a nice heelflip earlier. Felt great, yup.

CJ the faggot: Well, I can cruise down the street on my ripstick. Pretty cool, eh?

by KPDOSJ February 13, 2010
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