Drumer for the famous band "The Beatles", Has an oddly large nose that stands out.
"Ringo was the greatest drummer in my opinion"
by Bexeh! January 08, 2004
Slang for one whose own accomplishments are exaggerated as a result of a strong supporting cast. Originates from Ringo Starr, an above average drummer who is more famous than most of the greatest drummers in history because he worked in a band with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.
Person #1: John Salley was sure a great NBA player. Look at how many championships he won!
Person #2: But he wasn't that big of a contributer. He was a Ringo Starr.
#beatles #drummer #lucky #exaggerated #john lennon #paul mccartney #george harrison
by JohnJF February 17, 2008
not actually that great of a drummer. he had talent but compared to what the rest of the Beatles had, he really wasn't that good. still a key member of the band, though!
person one: ringo starr was the greatest drummer in the world!
person two: not really... he still rocks though.
#beatles #ringo starr #drummer #music #band
by anyonymousssss February 11, 2008
The guy that hangs out with the Beatles.
John: "Hey whose that guy with the big nose?"
Kenny: "That's Ringo Starr."
#ringo starr #the beatles #john lennon #gearge harrison #paul mccartney
by Derek2722 February 06, 2008
The most useless Beatle... and the LUCKIEST guy on earth!
Friend #1: What song did Ringo Starr write?
Friend #2: What? He wrote a song?! Oh yah the "Yellow Submarine... He's still pretty useless but he's one hell of a LUCKY bastard cuz he gets to earn millions doing nothing! ;)
#beatles #paul mccartney #john lennon #george harrison #yellow submarine
by Yellow Submarine Cru... March 06, 2009
1) One of the luckiest men in the world. A drummer who just happened to join the greatest band of all time. Ringo was actually the worst drummer out of all of The Beatles].
All the songs he did for them sucked ass; mediocre at best by Beatles standards.

2) Someone who has little to offer, but has fantastic friend(s)/associates.

In my defense, I don't mean to say that Mr. Starkey is a bad guy, I mean to say he's lucky.
"Holy fuck! Check out Ringo Starr's nose!"
#mediocre #lucky #the beatles #beatles #nose
by Mohamdu January 31, 2006
the shitty ugly beatle
he will still play jones beach to empty stadium
by kittykes June 07, 2005
A drummer in the legendary rock group the Beatles. Born in Liverpool, England, Starr's real name is Richard Starkey.
I wish I could be an amazing drummer like Ringo Starr.
by Anastasia Minette. April 13, 2016
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