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A rock band from Glasgow. Well known for their insanely original sound, for puttin on the best damn show of your life, and because at every one of their gigs, every member of the audience has had the best sex of their lives afterwards.

The line up consists of:
Main Stage Matt - Lead Vocals
Padmasta Flash - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Gypsy Jordan - Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Fliam - Bass
Ali K - Drums
Guy 1 - Dude, Matt finally got his hole!
Guy 2 - Seriously? How come?
Guy 1 - Took him to see Rifter last night man!
Guy 2 - Damn, were they playing?! I can't believe i missed that, i haven't been laid in a week..
Guy 1 - You just missed the opportunity of a lifetime dude
by Padmasta April 12, 2009
Butt crack, usually visible when bent over with loose pants.
The plumbers bent over and showed us his rifter.
by Another JohnDoe from somewhere February 07, 2010
A floating turd. Usually found in toilets, but can be found in pools, oceans, lakes, etc...
Omg! Who dropped those rifters over there next to the rock?!
by Josh Witt April 28, 2007
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