A common phrase used for a lrss then elegant or sophisticated person driving a classy vehicle.
Shit dude you see me riding rims, they be spinning they be spinning.

That vehicle displayed the most profound excellence I have seen in my time.
by Todd Feipel May 12, 2008
Top Definition
When a persons joint or blunt starts burning close to the filter. A burn sensation might occur.
Jimmy was smoking his jay when he felt a burning sensation on his fingers and yelled "i'm riding rims homie!"
by yesbreadsticks February 04, 2014
When your car has rims 15 inches or more, that are usually real expensive and shiny..in some case they spin making it look like you're still moving even at a stop light
Spinner hudcaps DO NOT COUNT!! as riding rims
Damnnnn son!!! did you see that Navigator?? that dude is riding rims!!!
by Girl with brown hair and glasses September 20, 2006
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