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Pulling through a psychedelic drug experience by help from friends (usually also tripping). The idea of the trip as a long ride on a seemingly dangerous creature, whom u must trust (ride) to the lake (that moment of relief). Made popular by Jim Morrison's peyote trips. The example of a snake is found in Native American rites of passage.
*during a trip*

Its cool, relax. Ride the snake. We're all on the snake together, brothers. If you show fear, the snake will destroy you. But if you trust the snake, He'll take us to the lake. Ride the snake.
by Hole Wheet March 31, 2007
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Throwing caution to the winds and ingesting a massive amount of psychedelics. A reference to a well-known quote from “The Doors” frontman Jim Morrison.

While riding the snake, you may enter into an extradimensional/transdimensional realm coterminal with the realm of space-time, or “reality” as it is commonly known. While in this realm, you may be accosted by swarms of neon green bat skulls and/or disembodied columns of teeth and eyes. You must not fear them, for they will take your mind away to the land of wind and ghosts unless you trust in the snake. The snake will see you through, but you cannot see the snake. You will not feel the snake, but the snake will feel you. It is the razor-thin rainbow bridge bisecting your chakras vertically, seperating you into your particulate parts so that you may be parcelled out to the wicked demons of the night which dwell betwixt the infinite yawning spaces between stars.
I was smoking with this chick at a party last night. I asked if she had ever dropped acid, and she said no. She asked if she should try it, and I hemmed and hawed as I thought about the answer to give her. Then my stoned buddy leaned over and said “ride the snake!”. The girl asked what that meant, and I explained to her that I was coming up on a 10 strip at the time. The snake was being ridden.
by The Emperor of Time and Space January 28, 2012
To just go with it - take a chance.
I was going to swap out that hard drive because it shows it may fail, but since we are going to get a new system next month, I'm going to just ride the snake.
by LortayEC August 22, 2008
1. An individual using, or having possession of a giant, chrome, gay ass cobra head shift knob for their car; esp. Chris "Ride The Snake" Slicker.

1. An action involving the use of a giant, chrome, gay ass cobra head shift knob for their car.
2. An action having anything to do with an individual who uses or owns such a device.

1. Used to insult or acknowledge the presence of someone who uses or owns a giant, chrome, gay ass cobra head shift knob for their car. Can be said in a whisper, or in loud exclamation with various speeds and voice tones. Usually used when passing by such a person.

(Etymology: 90s Saturday Night Live English, from Jim Carrey skit)
1. "As if his clothes weren't flaming enough, ride the snake went and got a big ass fuckin' snake head for a shift knob!"

1. "Hey, why don't you go and ride the snake on outta here with those deliveries already."
2. "So you're telling me you're gonna go ride the snake with ride the snake to ride the snake, huh? Word."

1. "RIDE THE SNAKE!!! Ride the snake..."
by Magus420 October 07, 2004
Seemingly refers to use of powerful stimulants. See lyrics to Lagwagon song by the same name. The lyric "They could never tell we are losing weight," suggests as much; weight loss being a characteristic effect of using methamphetamines or cocaine.
Ride the snake, ride the snake
To the lake, the ancient lake, baby
The snake is long, seven miles
Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold
by Dr. Yo January 28, 2005
The act of shooting heroine
He's been riding the snake for about five years now.
by Jason February 05, 2005
Term used for drinking a copious quantity of yerba maté or other stimulating beverage.
Before drinking what would be the first of many cups of late night maté, he said, "Time to ride the snake."
by PedalPusher July 02, 2006

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