Dictator perpetuus of Texas come November 2nd and the future president of the United States with Sarah Failin as his veep.

He won in 2006 with a whopping 39% of the vote.

He rode in on Dubya's coattails.

A vote for Rick Perry is a vote for Bush. Unfortunately, the shit-kickers and suburban retards think Bush was the greatest president ever since Ronald Raygun.

Despite what Perry says, Texas is a de facto sanctuary state that is billions in the hole with a piss-poor education system. We barely escaped from the financial crisis due to the fact that Texas has been immune to economic collapse since the 1800s and Perry had nothing to do with that.

Hitler would have been in office less than Rick Perry if he wins this year.

Remember to vote for Bill White on November 2nd. He may not have the greatest hair, but at least he's not a slimeball bastard.
I am Governor Rick Perry
I'm suave as you can see
Soon I will be president...
Obama power will soon go 'way
I will be fuhrer one day
I will command all of you
Your kids will pray to God in school.

Texas Uber Alles.
by nbakuchev September 25, 2010
Top Definition
Flag-waving, "AMURICA!"-yelling, gun-toting ultra-Christian cowboy from Texas running for President. Would be ridiculed and dismissed if not for Fox News. As a Christian myself I am ashamed of Perry's hypocrisy when it comes to declaring national days of prayer and yet mandating the death penalty. Also Bush's replacement as governor of Texas. So basically nothing really changed at all.

Your perfect example of a southern Republican- eliminate taxes and funding to schools and then take credit for your state's economy.

Rick Perry declares 3 straight days of prayer to get rain. But hey, only in Texas...

Essentially, George Bush on sterorids. Expect a third war and more of the "We're fucking Amurica, the greatest country on earth bitches!"-like attitude under the Perry administration.

If you have half a brain vote for Ron Paul instead- the only Republican candidate who is NOT a thieving, lying piece of scum and the only man who deserves to be President.
Rick Perry: "Now y'all listen you damn U.N., things are a-changing here in Amurica! We gonna be a superpowa, git ready for some ass kicking! Yee-haw!"

Britain: "Fuck. Not again..."

Russia: "Haha! Soviet Russia come back again, America go down shitter!"

Middle East: "Oh shit." *Nukes itself*

Perry: "Iran git your asses ready, Amurica's comin' to save the day! AMURICA! FUCK YEAH!"
by politco18 August 19, 2011
When you shart a Santorum into your underwear. santorum ass republican
I need to go and change my boxers. I just Rick Perry'ed and it's starting to run down my leg.
by Loupgaru September 07, 2011
Just another George W. Bush.
You'd think Americans would learn from their previous mistakes, but that's asking too much isn't it?

Rick Perry is Dubya 2.0
by Submitter of Words September 07, 2011
The Republican gouvenour of Texas and a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidential election in 2012.

He believes that you can pray away forest fires and calls the recession a punishment from God. According to him, the problems facing America and the state of Texas are to great to be solved by humans, so he got 30.000 people together in a big sports stadium to pray for the future...instead of, you know, doing something about the issues.
The next few days, the Dow Jones plummeted. God must really hate Rick Perry.

Executions give him a big ol' boner. 234 on them since he's been govenour.

Of course, he is a against abortion and homosexuality for no other reason than "Jesus said it's wrong". He's against social security aswell, calling it an "illegal Ponzi scheme".

In most Western countries, nobody would take this idiot seriously and would probably be labeled a fascist, but in America he is a serious candidate for the Rep. nomination for presidency. Thank you, Fox News and stupid people. Thank you.
Rick Perry is somewhere in between George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler.
by kabu3000 October 19, 2011
George W. Bush on steroids. Take all the bad things about Bush and amplify by 10 and you have Rick Perry.

Utters "Amurica!" and "Freedum!" in every sentence instead of every other sentence.

Even more hawkish - carries a gun with him at all times, and is known to use it on small animals that get too close.

Greater religious fanaticism - In April of 2011, as governor of Texas, held an "official" prayer rally for rain in his drought-stricken state. Let's see how that worked out for him: in April only 60% of Texas was under severe drought according to the UNL drought monitor. As of September 20, 99% of the state is under severe drought with 85% under exceptional drought. In other words, a true Texas miracle. Also believes creationism should be taught in public schools.

Instead of just privatizing social security, wants to completely abolish it, so grandma is just supposed to starve I guess.

Even greater hypocrisy - as governor of Texas, threatened to secede from the U.S. over the passage of the stimulus act. He then took $17.4 billion in funds made available by the stimulus act to help plug his state's ballooning budget deficit and create most of the jobs he brags about creating. Yet, he declined $500 million in funds to help educate youth in Texas.

Even less qualified - graduated from Texas A&M with a 2.22 GPA, earning a C in U.S. history and a D in economics. Interestingly he got an A in world military systems. Better watch your ass Iran.
If you thought Bush was a good president, or you are a masochist, vote Rick Perry. For the other 80% of us, there is sanity.
by not a dittohead September 22, 2011
1. The reason I lose hope for our world.

2. Someone who steals taxpayers' money in order to get elected.

3. A Texas Republican....need I say more?
Rick Perry is actually taken SERIOUSLY by a large amount of people. I think I want to curl up and die. Or get abducted by aliens.
by Aceywantsyoursoul October 16, 2011
The second coming of George Dubya Bush.
Rick Perry: "I have two role models: George W Bush and Jesus Christ."
by artey1981 December 26, 2011
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