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The Republican gouvenour of Texas and a candidate for the Republican nomination for the presidential election in 2012.

He believes that you can pray away forest fires and calls the recession a punishment from God. According to him, the problems facing America and the state of Texas are to great to be solved by humans, so he got 30.000 people together in a big sports stadium to pray for the future...instead of, you know, doing something about the issues.
The next few days, the Dow Jones plummeted. God must really hate Rick Perry.

Executions give him a big ol' boner. 234 on them since he's been govenour.

Of course, he is a against abortion and homosexuality for no other reason than "Jesus said it's wrong". He's against social security aswell, calling it an "illegal Ponzi scheme".

In most Western countries, nobody would take this idiot seriously and would probably be labeled a fascist, but in America he is a serious candidate for the Rep. nomination for presidency. Thank you, Fox News and stupid people. Thank you.
Rick Perry is somewhere in between George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler.
by kabu3000 October 19, 2011
Usually used as a comeback at a person who expresses an opinion that the user of the phrase disagrees with and/or feel personally offended by, often for completely irrational reasons.

If it used in real life, it is often accompanied by that person strutting away as if they had just destroyed you with witty and rational arguments.

This phrase is rarely used by anybody above the age of 15 and with an IQ above 95.
Example 1:
Moron: The new Eminem album is soooo awesome.
Normal Person: I disagree...his older albums were way better.

Example 2:
Moron: My new shoes look awesome, don't you think?
Normal person: Meh...they're not really my taste.
Moron: Ah, whateva. Haters gonna hate (walks away as if she/he just said something extremely clever and original)
by kabu3000 December 14, 2011
Code word for "bail". Typically used among mates when being overrun by zombies.
Mate, guzzlepuzzle! Mate.
by kabu3000 May 28, 2012

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