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A city (part of the Tri-Cities) with a deceiving name. While you may expect mansions and fancy cars and Mexicans mowing lawns fenced by white picket, you get there and think, "Hey! This place kind of looks like shit!" I love Richland.
That's not a mansion! That's a house with chipped paint and yellow grass! How lovely. Go Richland!
by LeonforPrez November 01, 2008
Richland is part of the Tri-Cities in Washington.
"Which part of the Tri-Cities do you live in?"

by BleachedLove July 24, 2008
home of the ugliest girls in the commonwealth. Cable doesn't exist yet there and they have professional shadow-puppeteers. Richlands is home to the most diverse group of incestual fucks that Virginia has ever seen and will continue to birth every std throughout the history of the world.
One time I thought I had died and gone to Hell and it turned that I was in Richlands.
by Barnaby Chesterfield December 07, 2006
Hickville, Asscrack of the US with a bunch of gossiping sluts... where fat guys are even hot, and "nice neighborhoods" consist of shitty ass trailors.... The epitamy of white trash!
When I think of Richlands I think of a large pile of CRAP!
by UVA @ WIZE hottie December 07, 2003
The liquid in side of a douche that is in hickville virginia that houses freaks, geeks, queers, goat-fuckers, dog-eaters. Richlands people stink and I hate 'em. They think the world is still flat.
richlands is like a gigantic boil on the prettiest piece of co-ed ass you've ever seen.
by Barnaby Chesterfield December 07, 2006
a town in swVA that which houses many farmers, freaks, geeks, mountanious scenery, and Harvard on the hill
by Emily November 04, 2003
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