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Typically of a Junior College; specifically of Moorpark College, in Moorpark, CA.
Bobken: So you going to Northridge next year.
Hidalgo: No, I'll probably go to Harvard on the hill.
by Peter April 15, 2004
A band originated from North New Jersey, who's music crosses many genres including alternative, pop, punk, etc.

They have two albums released (Scars On My Knees EP, Winters In North Jersey) and are currently working on their third album.

Band Members Include -

Vox - Luke H. and Jimmy D.

Guitars - Luke H. and Brian B.

Bass - Jimmy D.

Drums - Matt M.
"Dude did you hear Harvard On The Hill perform last night?"
"Yeah man they totally rocked that it was awesome!"
by GamerPingo July 21, 2014
Crafton Hills Community College nickname.
"So, where do you go to school?"

"Harvard on the hill."
by bdb March 24, 2012
The Community College of Rhode Island.
Anyone: "Smitty, where are you going to college?"
Smitty: "Ahhhh, Harvard on the hill!"
Anyone: "Livin' the high life eh?"
Smitty: "Ahhhh, I cannot disclose that information!"
by Naka naka March 30, 2006