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1. noun - the only man in the world to have a guitar whose action is 1/10,000 of an inch. Also reported to have other "attributes" of the same dimension. Wears 80's workout pants and has never actually been heard or seen playing a guitar, yet knows everything about everything. All guitars supposedly touched by Ricco go up in value exponentially. For example, a $200 guitar touched by Ricco is suddenly worth $10,000. Has an army of personal security guards and a multi-million dollar studio...that no one has ever seen.

2. noun - master of being booted off multiple web forums

3. adjective - used to describe one with diahrea of the mouth and constipation of the brain with delusions of grandure whose stories bare no resemblance to the truth. Ex: That was one Ricco story - no one will ever believe it, not even JA.

4. verb: to tell a far-fetched story. Ex: Brave Dave Ricco'd when he said he owned 1,000 vintage Dean guitars.

5. noun - a douchenoodle. Ex: That guy starting fights with everyone over the internet is a real Ricco.
I can't believe Brandon Ricco'd...I really thought he dated 5 supermodels at once.

If Billy keeps picking on Faust, everone will think he's a Ricco.
by An ACTUAL guitar player May 07, 2006
A rogue soldier. One who risks one's own life for the safety of others while undermining all regulations or cautions for safety.
by theone October 31, 2003
A name for a males dick.
heyy would u like to suck ricco?
by RICOO May 17, 2008
The coolest kid EVER. His first name is Mike. HE's so cool.
The geek said man I wish i was as cool as Ricco.
by Mike August 26, 2004
A giant banana that unpeels itself to form a PHAT nigga chain
god damn that nigga chain is PHAT
by Anonymous July 25, 2003