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1. noun - the only man in the world to have a guitar whose action is 1/10,000 of an inch. Also reported to have other "attributes" of the same dimension. Wears 80's workout pants and has never actually been heard or seen playing a guitar, yet knows everything about everything. All guitars supposedly touched by Ricco go up in value exponentially. For example, a $200 guitar touched by Ricco is suddenly worth $10,000. Has an army of personal security guards and a multi-million dollar studio...that no one has ever seen.

2. noun - master of being booted off multiple web forums

3. adjective - used to describe one with diahrea of the mouth and constipation of the brain with delusions of grandure whose stories bare no resemblance to the truth. Ex: That was one Ricco story - no one will ever believe it, not even JA.

4. verb: to tell a far-fetched story. Ex: Brave Dave Ricco'd when he said he owned 1,000 vintage Dean guitars.

5. noun - a douchenoodle. Ex: That guy starting fights with everyone over the internet is a real Ricco.
I can't believe Brandon Ricco'd...I really thought he dated 5 supermodels at once.

If Billy keeps picking on Faust, everone will think he's a Ricco.
by An ACTUAL guitar player May 07, 2006
A rogue soldier. One who risks one's own life for the safety of others while undermining all regulations or cautions for safety.
by theone October 31, 2003
The coolest kid EVER. His first name is Mike. HE's so cool.
The geek said man I wish i was as cool as Ricco.
by Mike August 26, 2004
A giant banana that unpeels itself to form a PHAT nigga chain
god damn that nigga chain is PHAT
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
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