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-the act of gaining revenge at a rate of at least 2.54 times greater to that of standard revenge and 1.61 that of standard vengeance.

-considered to be an act of the most violent retaliation.

-while revenge is served cold and vengeance is served hot revengeance is often seen served with Cajun with a side of onion rings and often dumplings in the Orient
how could you do that, you evil jerk, revengeance shall be mine.
by Vdogg March 15, 2005
n: causing or inflicting damage in return for damage done to oneself. Combination of revenge and vengeance, a more profound and severe statement statement
I must get my revengeance!!!!!
You took my pencil?! Revengeance will be mine!!!!!
by AntiC_666 February 28, 2005
1. The act complete and total utter obliteration of an enemy or foe, must occur after an initial loss on behalf of the "REVENGEANCE-ER" by part of the "REVENGEANCE-EE".

2. Face raping that ass hole that just kicked your ass and gloated to his friends.

Following shotgun to the face, knife to the balls or subsequent rampage.
by NoctaLunais, Original creator. February 02, 2010
The act of poking a large, bearded man in the eye after being poked yourself.
I was watching the SHAYTARDS, and Princesstard enacted her revengeance in a savage 5 year old manner.
by Redfoxnaru June 20, 2011
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