by the way this word is mine! all mine! you're not allowed to use it without my consent! um,ya. the definition is above...
you're a freaking retrotard, you retrotard!
by ozphactor March 14, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who dresses from a past decade and also acts like a retard
Look at that girl in her jelly shoes she is such a retrotard
by rodroddy March 19, 2009
Someone so obsessed with retro lifestyle/clothes/games/music ect that nothing else is of any interest. Also spends alot of time on collecting/making/maintaining their "retro lifestyle".
I'm such a retrotard that;
"I only listen to music produced in the 50's - period"
"I'm obsessed with super mario/snake/megaman ect"
"I only buy and own vintage clothing/furniture"
"if it's not older than me - it's crap"
by a true retrotard August 18, 2011
an person who is nostalgic and mentally retarded at the same time. the word "retro" and the word "retard" combine to form "retrotard"! *gasp*!
that guy is a retrotard
by ozphactor March 14, 2003

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