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To become willing to change ones actions for the better;

To acknowledge your wrongs to at least yourself and change your behavior for the good, regardless of how you might "feel" about it.

To do an "about face" on your wrong behavior;
When I realized I was taking advantage and lying to women, I choose to repent.

After repenting from talking negative about myself, I soon started getting a healthier self-esteem.

Repent now for the God's reality is near you.
by Tyler Durden 4582 March 23, 2008
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The act of seeing one's sinfulness, finding the root of it, turning from it and all that causes it, and avoiding it at all costs by means of having self-control, even resisting it when the temptation and chance to do it arises.
"King David after being confronted by Nathan over his sin, repented."
by RVFIV December 17, 2015
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Repent is what the priests expect you to do while grovling at thier feet like the sheep that all chritians are.
by Freak Obscene April 20, 2004
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A word screamed by psychotic priests. Most commonly heard in small Spanish towns, where the priests will carry flaming brands and refer people to the Inquisition. Also used by the gangster priests who walk around British cities, beat-boppin to their christain rap.
"Repent!!!!! For tomorrow, you die!!!!!!!!"
by Tsing Shi Tao August 07, 2004
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saying a couple hail mary's or our father's to get out of excommunication.
Blarg, that stupid pope is making me repent cuz I had an abortion or two.
by D-Pope March 31, 2005
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A little bitch who always complains and moans about everything, even when they get their way, yet they do not know how much of a whiney bitch they are being.
Man, did you hear that repent, just wouldn't shut up.
by Fortissimus April 10, 2005
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