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Also known as nendi, nendibots, rendibot, or just plain bots. The word bot cannot be fully explained without one's head exploding. Only a rendi is capable of botting and if used for evil, botting would surely lead to the worlds demise. Rendi (the plural form of rendi is rendi because altering such a perfect word will result in death by the original and strongest bots) are also capable of doing awesome rolls, playing dead, flying, and killing with their minds.
I came a across a nendibots in the alley yesterday and shat my pants while I trembled in fear. Then I realized it was not an evil rendi and carried on with my life.
by werdtomynwerds November 12, 2009
11 6
Rendi is a sex position, not achieved by many but admired by Al.
It is harder than hula hooping (if you're you) and easier than answering the question: "Choose your own advnture." ANd that's IT!
I'm soooooo going to Rendi her tonight!
by Rendi Nutt April 06, 2008
34 31