beautiful smart and the most important person im my life <3
as he sat there cuddling up to rene'e he looked her in the eyes and said "i love you rene'e"
by shadow to all October 23, 2011
Canadian girl with a lot of potential. Extremely lively and energetic. Shy at first though once she opens up to you she's super fun and fiercely loyal.

Renees are often placed in a position were they have to struggle to keep Meagan's in line.
Renée 1:haha, i just dont think meagan will listen to anyone
Renée 2: then I suggest we kidnap her and make her listen, you in?
Renée 1: Totally!
by AlphaLupus August 09, 2012
Of French origin meaning "rebirth" or "born again." A totally rad, awesome chick with a hipnotizing derrière. (see also, "bubblebutt") Fun, outgoing, funny with just the right touch of sarcasm, insightful, inwardly and outwardly beautiful. Able to have an intelligent conversation while also appreciating the importance of a fun night on the town, a sexy dress and a hot pair of shoes. Values love, respect & loyalty. A girly girl at heart but able to hang with the guys and crush a beer can or 2.
"Renée's you make the rocking world go round"
"That girl is such a Renée, she's perfect"

"Renée is so bootifull"
by Onomonopeya June 25, 2014
A beautiful indepent girl
Who believes in love
And had has a thing for deep spiritual art and loves the feeling of being young and reckless.
She is the type of person to look proud and strong,but emotionally its a diffrent story.
She is quite a joker,and loves to play around with her friends
She loves the life of being surrounded by friends and dancing and just enjoying her self.
She has a high aspiration for love and she knows what she wants in her life.
All about positivity and being peacefull during her free time.
And has a kinky sexy side to her
Renee re-born
by Blushmush🙈 May 14, 2015
Renee's attention beautifully talented girls who tend to be liked by everyone they meet they have a strong creative side and deep passio for love even if it is not yet reciprocated . If they fall for someone they won't stop until they end up with them Renee's ate determined and usy get what they want they have luck like that . They forgive too easily even if they don't want to it mite break their soul but they do it to save friendships and resume in a drama free future . Renee's care deeply about people's emotions more than their own and will always put others ahead of them . They will do anything to protect their friends and family, with out then they tend to feel insecure even if they don't look it and they usually have a nice ass and great boobs to match
Person1: wow did u hear Renee let (friend) date (boyfriend)
Person2 really cuz I hear she never asked

Person 1 wow she's a good friend putting others feelings ahead of hers (friend) is lucky to hve her even tho she shouldn't have done Tht
by Harrylovesme16 May 05, 2015
A mother fucking short ass vampire that plays guitar that has no tan whatsoever.
"YOU HAVEN'T BEEN OUTSIDE ALL YEAR? you are such a Renee."
by SwaqaliciousDood July 01, 2014
A worthless wellfare receptant, who enjoys doing meth while critizing others parents skills. Also more commonly known as a skinhead rag doll bar fly gutter slut.
i know this bitch renee that would fit this perfectly
by panealipe googoo wineyworth November 21, 2013

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