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Canadian girl with a lot of potential. Extremely lively and energetic. Shy at first though once she opens up to you she's super fun and fiercely loyal.

Renees are often placed in a position were they have to struggle to keep Meagan's in line.
Renée 1:haha, i just dont think meagan will listen to anyone
Renée 2: then I suggest we kidnap her and make her listen, you in?
Renée 1: Totally!
by AlphaLupus August 09, 2012
beautiful smart and the most important person im my life <3
as he sat there cuddling up to rene'e he looked her in the eyes and said "i love you rene'e"
by shadow to all October 23, 2011
Of French origin meaning "rebirth" or "born again." A totally rad, awesome chick with a hipnotizing derrière. (see also, "bubblebutt") Fun, outgoing, funny with just the right touch of sarcasm, insightful, inwardly and outwardly beautiful. Able to have an intelligent conversation while also appreciating the importance of a fun night on the town, a sexy dress and a hot pair of shoes. Values love, respect & loyalty. A girly girl at heart but able to hang with the guys and crush a beer can or 2.
"Renée's you make the rocking world go round"
"That girl is such a Renée, she's perfect"

"Renée is so bootifull"
by Onomonopeya June 25, 2014
A mother fucking short ass vampire that plays guitar that has no tan whatsoever.
"YOU HAVEN'T BEEN OUTSIDE ALL YEAR? you are such a Renee."
by SwaqaliciousDood July 01, 2014
A worthless wellfare receptant, who enjoys doing meth while critizing others parents skills. Also more commonly known as a skinhead rag doll bar fly gutter slut.
i know this bitch renee that would fit this perfectly
by panealipe googoo wineyworth November 21, 2013
Without a doubt the biggest bitch in the world and is more than likely an illegal immigrant. Especially If she is of South American descent. Usually deals cocaine or other hard drugs, this is obviously true due to her being constantly chink eyed.
Guy 1: where'd you get that blow?
Guy 2: Renee, she's in her Mercedes over there.
by Qwertyuiop0737281 September 28, 2013
Bitch who got a fat ass that'll swallow up a g-string. So big, she can fit 2 dicks in it if she wanted to. She can be annoying at times and has a nice pair of boobs. But she'll drive you nuts. Fuck dat ass!
by HBK3000 April 29, 2012