Bitch who got a fat ass that'll swallow up a g-string. So big, she can fit 2 dicks in it if she wanted to. She can be annoying at times and has a nice pair of boobs. But she'll drive you nuts. Fuck dat ass!
by HBK3000 April 29, 2012
A bomb bitch witha big ass.. a Ride or die chick, nuff said.
" Damn bro I was chillin with Renee Alvarado the other night.. and man lemme tell you.. bitch gotta fat ass and I think I'm in love..."
by anonymouss1234 November 28, 2011
A girl who is gorgeous and loves to have sex with Cody. She is gorgeous and just loves having sex with Cody because he is so good looking and he is great in bed, she loves it so much.
"Man, did you see like girl the other day?"

"Yeah man, she was such a Renee, she totally went off to fuck Cody
by Jack01947973 August 22, 2011
A girl who is a giant arse
That bitch is such a Renee!
by shawk67 December 30, 2010
A stupid ho. She's a slut and likes to eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She enjoys cheating on her boyfriend and smoking weed with her friend... but she most likely never succeeds at getting the weed. She is also French.
Girl1: That girl acts like Renee!
Girl2: I know, she's a ho.
by RODGERFLUFFYTOGAPI January 01, 2011
A backstabbing bitch who turns friends against each other for attention.
Dude. Don't be a Renee
by Marishkaut493403 November 11, 2010

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