Reneé is a french name that means "reborn" or "rebirth" whom has a great personality, with an outstanding smile, nice buns, and very easy on the eyes. She has a pure innocent flirtatious personality, that will make you either love her or hate her. She loves to ride horses, and believes in honesty is the absolute best policy. When she makes friends it is a life time commitment. She will leave an everlasting impression on your mind and in your heart. Reneé will go out of her way to help others; however beware not to cross this gal; or it will be the last thing you do. Go out of your way to meet Reneé today. =)
by 1toppfoxx February 04, 2010
a great girl who loves to have fun.
she loves parties, talking, laughing, and basketball, bowling, ice skating, and many others. she likes guys, and she dates a lot of them, but only has true feelings for some. she'll brighten your day like your own little sunshine. shes very lovable and loves life. andfun.
major hippie : She ccrushes way too fast and falls way too hard.
Renee is so much fun to hang out with.!
by rfrox January 03, 2009
an amazing girl who likes animals, having fun, partying, laughing, and having an overal great time. she is very good looking, cute at times, but can show a bitch up whenever her mind intends. she loves one person and will try to do anything for him. and not to mention, she is fantastic in bed. her family is very important even though agruements happen often but her friends cool the problem. she chills with guys often, not for a relationship often but for just friendship, because girls are sometimes jack wagons to her.
Brian: hey dude, who's that chick with those chicks over there?

Sam: oh thats Renee, shes cool. we went go carting together last weekend with my cuz.

Brian: she seems cool. ill talk to her later. thanks.
by 0-0 some persun July 06, 2011
a nice and sweet girl who knows everyting bout hair and uses two main adjectives "gross" and "Cute" whose favorite car is a slug bug n is beatiful but will assasinate ur punk ass if u fuck 'round
if u touch renees slug bug shell assasinate u by shooting u in the face.
by pat billie June 11, 2005
A person with superhuman athletic powers.
Only a person with Renee-like qualities could beat a Michael Phelps.
by Vernon Bottomley September 15, 2010
beautiful smart and the most important person im my life <3
as he sat there cuddling up to rene'e he looked her in the eyes and said "i love you rene'e"
by shadow to all October 23, 2011
Of French origin meaning "rebirth" or "born again." A totally rad, awesome chick with a hipnotizing derrière. (see also, "bubblebutt") Fun, outgoing, funny with just the right touch of sarcasm, insightful, inwardly and outwardly beautiful. Able to have an intelligent conversation while also appreciating the importance of a fun night on the town, a sexy dress and a hot pair of shoes. Values love, respect & loyalty. A girly girl at heart but able to hang with the guys and crush a beer can or 2.
"Renée's you make the rocking world go round"
"That girl is such a Renée, she's perfect"

"Renée is so bootifull"
by Onomonopeya June 25, 2014
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