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I'm sitting on it.Has bunch of pushy buttons on it.
Get your Mikhail Naroditsky off my remote.
by Ilia M. Mazin February 03, 2005
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1. rural, far away, distant, the middle of nowhere.

2. isolated, inaccessible

3. (Of a chance) frail, slim, marginal

4. cold, distant, aloof

Abbreviation of remote control, so named because it controls a machine from a distance.
Could you pass me the remote? From here it's remote and the chances that I can reach it are very remote.
by Lorelili March 17, 2011
We lose it as much as our wallets.

It's used for various electrical machines because we're to lazy to stand up.
tv and radio.
by truly yours April 06, 2004
Located far away; distant in space.
The lake was located in a remote area.
by America Nicole August 21, 2006
used to turn on or off your telivision, stereo, DVD player, etc...
The remote turned on the tv
by Alexius November 06, 2003
a powerful object which is the subject of fierce battle between siblings and roommates.
I put him/her in a head lock so I could get the remote.
by Wolfman 1000 September 22, 2010
Something people use to change channels with because they are too lazy to get their ass off the couch
Clicking the remote is probably a mean of excersice for some people
by claustrophobic chicken December 10, 2004

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