The act of tuning into someone's conversation so you can jump in and either be relevant/irrelevant to the discussion.
Kyrie sat remote for a second before he jumped into Jontae and Donaven's conversation.
by Praise_j March 06, 2014
narrative-driven short films
A famous remote found Conan visit a historic, Civil War-era baseball league. That piece was one of O'Brien's personal favorites, later remarking, "When I leave this earth, at the funeral, just show this, because this pretty much says who I'm all about."

Within a year, O’Brien began to work out a kind of comedic formula for “Late Night.” In addition to the usual glittering array of guests, the show combined the lewd and wacky (regulars included a masturbating bear and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) with more elegant, narrative-driven short films (which are called remotes) in which O’Brien left the studio and reported on, say, a historic baseball league or a station in Houston that refused to carry his show at its normal hour. The apotheosis of the “Late Night” remotes centered on the realization in 2006 that O’Brien bears a striking resemblance to the (female) president of Finland. “We took the show to Helsinki for five days,” O’Brien recalled, “where we were embraced like a national treasure.”
by howdoyouspellAnonymous December 17, 2013
abbrev. of "a long way from the nearest TV remote control"
Go to a remote beach where it is safe to eat the shellfish. Dig them up at low tide, leave in water to eject sand, cook on a driftwood fire at dusk. You will remember this day.
by Simonius_Titius_Underpantius January 11, 2011
To jiz in someone's eye
I just remoted you
by rem126 May 29, 2009

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