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Something that is easy to remember. Different from memorable, which means something _worth_ remembering.
Girl: What did you have for lunch?
Boy: The normal stuff.
Girl: Wow! How rememberable!
by saheel1511 February 18, 2013
Worth remembering; remember to memorise
"You know that party we went to last week, I was so out of it but I found it a rememberable experience!"
by T!n_j@M July 27, 2008
Something memorable worth remembering.
Shannon : hey, you ever had a really good memory that you always wanted to remember?
Steve: umm...sure, I guess. Why?
Shannon: I came up with a easier word for it.
Steve: yea? What's that?
Shannon: rememberable
Steve: ........ *facepalms*
by Sour cream February 23, 2013
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