a really good band. people shuld stop making them a big deal that they're christian rock. who cares really? i didnt know till a while back. they have some really good songs.
person: omg!! relient k is christian so they suck
me: what songs have you heard
person: idk..
by Lil Cutiex3 April 12, 2006
an automobile build by Chrysler in the 80's sometimes refered to as the K-Car
We rolled to school in the K
by Rob Pokorney May 19, 2005
Relient K is a spectacular band with some pretty incredible lyrics in it's songs. Lead singer Matt Theissen is a very amazing lyricist and he is very creative in the band's albums. Relient K has very good morals and anyone would love them, Christian or not. Their tunes are also incredibly catchy and awesome-sounding. Like actually awe-inspiring awesome. They are truly amazing, definately worth a listen if you have a moment. They might just become your favorite band.
Some of Relient K's best songs are Overthinking, Sadie Hawkins Dance, and Must Have Done Something Right.
by Burnt pancake April 15, 2008
the best band in all of history
dave douglas you r hot
by joe ninja October 30, 2003
best Christian rock band ever

hits all genres: techno, punk, soft rock, emo, gospel, half country, and then there are the songs that can only be described as Relient K

covers all moods: praise, pessimism, hatred, love, bliss, shallow, nostalgic, bitter,... all can occur in the same exact song, too

they sing of love, how idiotic the world is, and God/Jesus

can sound so smack-daddy whilst singing about such moral topics. they have achieved what no one else these days can: not swearing, drinking, partying, or sexing, but still being amazing.

Which to bury, us or the Hatchet
Pink Tux(In love w/ the 80's)
Be My Escape
For the Moments I Feel Faint
The Best Thing
I Need You
Bite My Tongue
Must've Done Something Right
My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
Getting into You
More than Useless
Maintain Consciousness
If You Believe Me
Such amazing instrumentals while still being Christian music. IN short, Relient K rocks.
by BelletheBeast July 21, 2011
a mainstream band with catchy songs mainly influenced by pop/emo.
i have nothing personal against them, but i find it funny that all of these definitions on here have nothing to do with the band, just how 'christian', 'hott' and 'sexy' the band members are. must be girls aged 12-15.

Relient K is an emo band that teenaged girls like cuz the band members are attractive.
by screwubitch August 18, 2007
A lukewarm christian band that doesn't share the gospel enough in their songs.
Relient K
by Greekish August 23, 2008

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