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-when they're the last thought before you fall asleep, and the first thought when you wake up

-when your dreams are basically memories of what you already did with them

-when they influence your thoughts so much without even trying that what you used to look at as absolute truth is now blurred into opinionated statements

-your heart being set on fire just by remembering something they said/did/typed, no matter how long ago

-vulnerability, and the desire to make yourself vulnerable

-seeing the flaws and not wanting to change them


-wanting your loved one to be happy at whatever the cost

-when you are willing to change for them, but they don't want you to

-gentle and kind, and can soothe a lonely heart; the more we seek, the more we find; love keeps us strong though we're apart

-not based on logic in any way, shape, or form, but you can never call it illogical

-when you feel like so much of a coward, but when with your love, they make you so brave

-perfection on earth

-what everyone wants, needs, and searches for


-when there is lust, but sex is not required

-wanting to be alone if you know you can't have your love





-so hard to describe, because there are parts that everyone experiences, and parts that few in history have been able to reach

-unique for each couple; not a repeat of past relationships with different cast members
Kovu and Kiara are in love.
Simba and Nala are in love.
Noah and Allie are in love.
David Rain and Zanna Martindale are in love.
Arthur and Elizabeth Pennykettle are in love.
Belle and the Beast are in love.

and of course: Shana and Dylan are MADLY in love. ;D
by BelletheBeast July 21, 2011
a person who commits the crime of hashfaggery or hashfaggotry by annoying others with their use or incorrect use of hashtags
a hashfag's facebook status: I got so much done today! #productive
comment on said status: hashtags don't work here! gtfo
by bellethebeast June 15, 2013
Hashtaggery, but with an f replacing the t. Simply put, it is an insulting way to refer to the action of using hashtags, or the action of using them incorrectly.
Facebook has hashtags now? What hashfaggery is this?!? #hashfaggery

#funinthesun #besties #moonlight #hatemylife #stupidtagsthatmakenosensetogether
by bellethebeast June 15, 2013
a shoeless hooker
ex: I was walking out of an alley depressed the other day and saw a bare foot sticking out up the street on the corner. And I was like... MY DAY IS MADE! I'm soooo lucky to have found a twogglefoot. Nothing makes me happier.

ex: I always wondered why that one girl in my school refused to wear shoes. Then one day it dawned on me... she's a dirty twogglefoot :O
by BelletheBeast February 11, 2012
best Christian rock band ever

hits all genres: techno, punk, soft rock, emo, gospel, half country, and then there are the songs that can only be described as Relient K

covers all moods: praise, pessimism, hatred, love, bliss, shallow, nostalgic, bitter,... all can occur in the same exact song, too

they sing of love, how idiotic the world is, and God/Jesus

can sound so smack-daddy whilst singing about such moral topics. they have achieved what no one else these days can: not swearing, drinking, partying, or sexing, but still being amazing.

Which to bury, us or the Hatchet
Pink Tux(In love w/ the 80's)
Be My Escape
For the Moments I Feel Faint
The Best Thing
I Need You
Bite My Tongue
Must've Done Something Right
My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
Getting into You
More than Useless
Maintain Consciousness
If You Believe Me
Such amazing instrumentals while still being Christian music. IN short, Relient K rocks.
by BelletheBeast July 21, 2011

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