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A Christian band that enjoys writing both insightful ballads as well as completely random yet surprisingly catchy pop songs. A high emphasis on puns. Lead vocalist Thiessen has an amazing voice and has cranked out some amazing songs like "I am Understood?" and "Be My Escape".

Recently, they've begun to swing into the more alternative crowd. Songs like "Which to Bury, Us or the Hatchet" seem to show a side of Relient K that the screamo and punk groups enjoy.

Relient K
The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek
Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...but Three Do

Matthew Thiessen - Vocals, guitar, piano, keys, percussion
Matthew Hoopes - Vocals, Guitar
David Douglas - Vocals, Drums
Brian Pittman - Bass
To quote Matthew Thiessen of Relient K: "Sadie Hawkins Dance is probably the cheesiest song we've ever written."
by Audio July 25, 2005
Screamo band that is the epitome of awesome. Mixing lyrics that are both self-exploring as well as faintly spiritual, Emery blasts listeners with an unusually fresh sound. Their songs have a tendency to be intentionally profound, using rhythm breaks and escalating volumes to shout out a certain word or phrase. The main singer's (Toby's) voice is deeper and much more mellow than you'd expect, but he can stretch it to pleasing heights. There's also a screaming element that is basically background to the music and lyrics as a whole, but also captures this element of extremity that they obviously desire to show.

So far, they have two albums: The Weak's End and The Question. Both have their share of intense songs as well as quiet, escalating songs that seem to have a little more meaning to them.

Emery also throws a sweet concert, where the intensity of their music is greatly emphasized. Moshers will love them.

Best songs:

Walls, Ponytale Parades, Fractions, Under Serious Attack, So Cold I Can See My Breath, Studying Politics
Bill: I like to divide
Tod: Well then you'd like Fractions by Emery an awesome band.
by Audio August 04, 2005
Derived From "Marinating"
<AnthonyChevalier> LOL OMFG What are you doing?
<Licat> Nating.
<AnthonyChevalier>HAHA LOL NICE My jeep is good.
by Audio March 28, 2003
That mexican lizard. Eats all the goats.
Simmons: That would be the chupacabra, sir

Sarge: Hey Griff, Chupa-thingy? How bout that? I like it. Got a ring to it.
by Audio August 04, 2005

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