A band that was once very cool and Christian and sexy all at the same time, but is not edging towards mainstream rock and becoming sell-outs.
Relient K used to be a killer awesome band! But then they toured with GC and SP!
by cRiDi May 06, 2005
All you children have catuses in your smacks. true rock bands don't fucking brag about their religion. Nor do they wear Old Navy and try to look badass. Don't pretend to be cool, ass nuggets, because jamming to stupid cock pudding will get your ball sacks hairy.
Don't make fun of those poor little boys, relient k.
by George W. Bush suxxx December 18, 2005
A sucky Christian pop-punk band.
1. Have you heard Relient K? Yeah, those guys cant write worth a crap.
by Bottom_feeder May 29, 2005

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