Disturbing noise some consider¨"music". Right up there with country and rap in terms of worse music on the planet.
Reggaeton keeps getting worse, thanks to such jackasses as daddy yankee and don omar.
by Adrian August 14, 2006
Derragatory and street influenced music whose roots began in panama in the late 80´s later adopted by Puerto rico and became later known as perreo. It is vulgar and just plain nasty and insults reggae or even being called that is a disgrace. It also should not be credited towards tha boris cuz much of their beats are obtain by mixtures of bachata and other. Its a wanna be gangsta rap genre ooh i hate reggaeton
Lil Jon and daddy yankee makes the shitiest combination ever since they both suck
by Yanin June 19, 2005
The reason alot of latinos/latinas get pregnant before they turn 15. but its also a sexy type of dance where the guy pretty much stands there and watches to girl grind her ass on your penis. and it also has repetitive sexist lyrics which sets the mood.
example of reggaeton lyrics.

Daddy yankee: mueve el culo mami mueve el culo mami mueve el culo mami mueve el culo mami te voy a meter el pito mami te voy a meter el pito mami te voy a meter el pito mami perrea perrea perrea mami
by BigJoe13 May 22, 2009
THE MOST fucking retarded music in the world, ay i'm cuban and i love latin music but this is just fucking wothless, its got tha same damn beat in ever fukin song and dnt gimme that shit bout "reggaeton love songs" thats bullshit! the song will be over the same beat bout them dumbasses talkin bout the same shit. Plain out..this reggaeton shit is just a passing fad, no fukin Reggaeton Forever type shit for me
Girl #1: Gasloina!!! i love reggaeton!
Me: STFU, look at the gas prices and you're singing some fukin stupid gasoline song....kids these days with their tone deaf ears
by pattycake January 04, 2006
A music found in Panama to Puerto Rico. A Tropical style of Reggae with the carribean beat with all the latin music put together. Very sexual music hip hop with reggae; Latin style make you want to grind
Vam0s a Perrear con el reggaeton
by La Gata Fiera April 19, 2005
An aberration of rap and reggae, translated into vulgar Spanish. Sexually-oriented lyrics make Reggaeton extremely popular, but in the end, the people behind it have no talent, creativity, and NO SENSE OF RYTHIM.
A mi me gusta la gasoliiina... DAME MAS GASOLIIINA... (I like the gasoline? FTS!!!)
by Yue CG May 12, 2005
Imagine Rap raped Reggae and they had a retarded child, that's more or less what Reggaeton is, it is also the source of most of the social and cultural problems of latin america and and the only way stupid bad boys can be rich legally without going to school.

It's dance is, in a few words, raping a woman wih your clothes on.

I doubt you will find a positive comment about reggaeton here as the people that listen to it use internet just for downloading music and Facebook.
Reggaeton is the only drug you comsume with the ears.
by HelpYourself May 30, 2010

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