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One of reggaetons leading pioneers. Long time buddy of reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee but turned into beef after Daddy Yankee supposedly said Nicky's Cd was trash and through it on da floor. Nicky has made hits like "Me Voy Pa'l Party" and "Tus Ojos". he's also made Hits like "Guayando" and "Debajo Savanas Blancas" w/ Daddy Yankee"
Nicky Jam used 2 b cool w/ Daddy Yankee
by Yung Daddy Yankee January 05, 2005

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A reggaeton singer/rapper who aswell as other {raymond, don pmar, voltio, tego] are just satisfying their fans and making us dance.
Ya tu sabe c0m0 va...Nicky Jam yo...Vida Escante
by La Gata Fiera April 19, 2005