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Referring to penis, Spanish Slang
Damn, that ass want some pito!!!
by Yung Joc June 28, 2006
"Whistle" in Spanish, but generally used to refer to a penis.
Hijole cabrón! ¿Te perforaste tu pito?
by Elephant Walker April 24, 2006
South American word for a joint, Marihuana joint.
Used a lot In Chile.Where they are also called lukazo
I need a pito/I need a joint
by martin everard April 03, 2006
The real meaning of pito in Spanish is a small flute or whistle. In some Latin American countries, pito is referred to as a rolled ciggarete such as a marijuana joint.
1. Al sonar el pito se termino el partido entre Chile y Argentina.

2. Let me hit that pito before it burns to a roach.
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
Slang for penis in mexico and/or someone with a very low IQ. Usually used in place of someones first name to be made into an insult referring to them.
"Man, Pito Ashmore is being such a fag today!"
by Shank November 29, 2002
Refers to the penis in general.
Check out the hottie chica over there holmes! Mi pito esta saltando!
by DysFunK Smith August 12, 2011
a word that only certain people should be able to use...
PITO!!.....enough said
by aMaNda #11 May 26, 2004
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