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Merengue is a type of fast syncopated music and dance from the Dominican Republic. It is popular all over Latin America. Its name is Spanish, taken from the meringue, a dessert made from whipped egg whites and sugar. It is unclear as to why this became the name of the music. Perhaps, it can trace its meaning from the movement on the dance floor that could remind one of an egg beater in action. It features vocals in Spanish, accordion (which hails from Germany and Italy), the guiro (a scraper dating back to the Arawak Indians, who first populated the island of Hispaniola), and African percussion, especially tambora and conga. More recently, Merengue artists have added saxophone and electric instruments to the mix. The style continues to mutate and spread through places like Haiti, Venezuela, and New York City.
Merengue: Jaun Luis Guerra, Fernando Villalona, Grupo Mania, Grupo Fuego, Elvis Crespo, Bonny Cepeda, Limi-T 21 Aka Limi-T XXI, Olga Tañon, La Banda Gorda, Jose Peña Suazo, Cuco Valoy, Los Hijos De Puerto Rico, Oro Solido, Sergio Vargas, Ashley Aka La Chica Bomba, Milly Quezada, Melina León, Gisselle, Ilegales, Angel Viloria, Eddy Herrera, Johnny Ventura, Toño Rosario, Los Hermanos Rosario, Tatico Henriquez, Wilfrido Vargas, Parada Joven, Proyecto Uno, El Prodigio, Omega y Su Mambo Violento, El Jeffrey, Ramon Orlando, Manny Manuel, Hector Acosta, Mamajuana, Fulanito, and Fefita La Grande.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ March 03, 2010
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is the most fun latin music style you could ever dance!! its got a two-step beat and your waist is the part of your body that works the if you girls want a sexy waist like a real latina has..go and practice some of the merengue moves..n dont forget the dance partner!
no llores por ella-ZAFRA NEGRA is so touching and incredible merengue song to dance!

download this merengue song: 25 horas al dia-PROYECTO UNO
if you havent hear it! oh my God! I'll have to think you're not a human being!
by AngieFerNanda November 08, 2008
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